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What We Do


The Nekta companies are based in Auckland New Zealand with a focus on developing high quality food products from the abundant pastures and orchards around us, the natural foods of New Zealand. The work started in 1994 with the highly nutritious Kiwifruit, creating a range of beverages under the Liquid Kiwifruit banner. We are now working with New Zealand’s world class Dairy products, resulting in Nekta Infant Formula and Natural Yogurt Mix. 

We research technologies and processes that can protect the quality of the food, and invest in product research and development to deliver nutritional value of superior quality. We work with customers in many export markets, including China, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and the Pacific. 


Nekta Nutrition


Nekta Nutrition manufactures Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit in Auckland, New Zealand, taking advantage of the local supply of the world’s best fruit from the world’s best growers. Only New Zealand kiwifruit is used.

The plant was opened in 2011, designed to meet all international food processing regulatory requirements, and specializes in the strong but light weight, recyclable PET packaging.

Nekta Nutrition is dedicated to quality, integrity, and meeting market requirements, and on that basis we welcome enquiries on joint production initiatives.

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