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Probiotic Oral Care

Probiotic Oral Care

Clinical Trials on Protec Probiotic Oral Care

    1. Safe to Consume

A Safety Assessment Study approved by the Otago Ethics committee in 2005 demonstrated the absence of adverse reactions in subjects actively ingesting S. Salivarius K12, and that K12 has a very low pathogenic potential and is unlike to cause disease in healthy humans. Read More

    2. Combats Streptococcus and Middle Ear Infection

Clinical trials in Italy in 2012/13 showed that  K12 effectively reduces the incidence of streptococcal and viral infections and also acute otitis media (middle ear infections). Read Article One  Read Article Two


    3. Combats Oral Halitosis

A clinical trial in Switzerland 2012 investigated the microbial activity of K12 against several bacteria causing halitosis. The study concluded K12 had antimicrobial activities against several halitosis bacteria including S. moorei known to be a major contributor to oral malodour. Read More


    4. Effective against Streptococcus

 A German study in 2013 assessed the effects of S. salivarius K12 (and S. oralis) against infection from Streptococcus pyogenes. (S. pyogenes causes purulent respiratory tract and skin infections on more than 720 million people per year). The study found that both S. salivarius and (and S. oralis) strongly reduced S. pyogenes cell adhesion and internalisation if present 2 hours before S. pyogenes was seeded. Read More

    5. Reduces Oral Plaque

A clinical trial in 2013 in Dunedin concluded M18 reduced plaque scores and can provide oral health benefits if taken regularly. Read More

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