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Natural Yogurt Mix

Nekta Natural Yogurt Mix is made from New Zealand whole and skim milk powder, with eight strains of healthy probiotic bacteria, and using only natural ingredients. It is an economical way to get the health benefits of yogurt along with the unbeatable taste a freshly made yogurt provides.

Nekta Yoghurt mix contain 8 different strains of Lacto Bacillus, double the number of other yoghurt mixes available. They are probiotic, meaning they are living bacteria that help us digest foods, absorb the nutrients we consume, and maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in our intestine. Lacto  Bacillus bacteria break down the milk sugar Lactose, producing Lactic Acid which keeps the ph in the small intestine low, unsuitable for harmful bacteria. Nekta  Natural Yoghurt Mix contains Lacto Bacillus bacteria in very large numbers, around a billion per gram of made up yoghurt. A freshly made up yoghurt is best for you, because the bacteria  has a short life of only a few days.

Because the Lactose is broken down, Nekta Natural Yoghurt Mix can often be eaten by slightly lactose intolerant people. Nekta Natural Yoghurt Mix has a high level of Calcium, 152 mg per 100 gm of made up yoghurt, and also contains the milk proteins naturally found in the milk powder.

Nekta Natural Yoghurt Mix is a wonderful breakfast food with cereals and fruits, can be used in sauces and dressings to give a fresh low fat alternative to mayonnaise, cream cheese, sour cream. It is a delicious contrast in curries or spiced meat or roasted vegetable dishes as an accompaniment, and naturally is delicious in deserts, helping reduce fat content  in the natural Nekta way.


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