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Kiwi + Melon is a refreshing, cooling drink, with a delicate balance of the smooth, light Melon flavours sitting on the tang of the Kiwifruit. Perfect in the
heat of summer or as a refresher anytime.  

We use only high quality, organic Aloe. Nekta Kiwifruit with Aloe Vera has a soft, smooth finish without the astringent taste often associated with Aloe Vera.

Nutritional Basis of Nekta Kiwifruit

A study by Rutgers University New Jersey 1997 found kiwifruit to be the most
nutrient dense fruit commonly available, and since then over 400  published studies
have confirmed it’s value, offering the B vitamins B1,B2,B6, Niacin and Folate, Vitamins C,E,K, and minerals calcium, iron, magnesium and zinc. We add further
Vitamin C, so every glass of Nekta Kiwifruit is rich in this essential antioxidant, adding to the naturally occurring antioxidants Lutein and Zeaxanthan, both beneficial for protecting our eyes against progressive light damage. All Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit drinks contain Pectin, a soluble fruit  dietary fibre, contributing to the reputation kiwifruit products have earned as assisting digestion and regularity – a happy you. Kiwifruit is Prebiotic, helping maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the small intestine. Recently, an enzyme in kiwifruit, Actinidin, has been found to assist in the breakdown of proteins, further enhancing digestion. 

Nekta uses all the flesh of the fruit, with the rich nutritional value it delivers.

Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit

Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit uses Kiwifruit solely grown in New Zealand, fruit recognised as setting the  standard in quality, flavour and nutritional value. We developed and patented a process for turning this beautiful fruit into a satisfying, refreshing fruit drink, protecting the taste, and ensuring much of the natural goodness is retained. This distinguishes Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit from
fruit juices, which are made from extracted juices only.  With Nekta, the fruit is in the bottle.

Nekta Liquid Kiwifruit with Aloe Vera

Using the Original Kiwifruit base, the nutritional value is enhanced by Aloe Vera. Called 'The Miracle Plant' Aloe has been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries. Today it is still one of the most widely used plant extracts for healing, cleansing the inner body and beautifying the skin. Aloe is itself rich in vitamins and minerals, reinforcing the value of the kiwifruit base, and contains all 8 Essential Amino acids. It helps rebuild collagen to repair damaged cells in the lining of our stomach and intestines, soothing and healing, as well as assisting system regularity, cleansing the colon of heavy metals, and boosting the immune system.

Nekta Kiwifruit + Melon


A blend of Kiwifruit, Rock Melon and Honey Dew Melon, again building on the nutritional base of the Original, Kiwi + Melon has additional benefits of its own. It has “cooling “, anti- inflammatory  effect through the carotenoid Lycopene. It also contains Beta Carotene, a colouring pigment that is a precursor to Vitamin A. Melon strengthens the kiwifruit nutritional value, itself containing vitamins A, B6, C and D, and minerals Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Iron and Zinc



Nekta Liquid Gold Kiwifruit


A different fruit from a different vine, Gold Kiwifruit is nutritionally similar to the green kiwi, but with some  variations in quantities of particular nutrients. Gold Kiwi has slightly more polyphenol antioxidants, more enzymes Lutein and Zeaxanthan which benefit our eyes, a higher level of B Group vitamins. Because we add Vitamin C and fibre to both Green and Gold, in Nekta these levels are similar. The main reason for choosing to drink either Green or Gold Nekta is taste.

Gold Kiwifruit is a lighter taste often thought to be sweeter, with a more complex flavour reminiscent of
a “citrus melon”. It is beautifully refreshing, full of
sub-tropical sunshine, the Golden Taste.

Customer Feedback

After having suffered with Diverticulitis for over 50 years. I have tried numerous methods to keep me and my bowels healthy. Kiwi fruit could be either too hard or too soft. and sometimes I had unpleasant side effects. Since taking a glass of Nekta every night for the last 9 months finally I’ve found the answer. Lovely to drink and the answer to all my problems. A friend who also has Diverticulitis now buys Nekta and has 2 glasses a day and finds it so pleasant to take and no more problems. There are 2 very happy customers.


I got Shingles last November and the painkillers the Doctor put me on caused a bleed from Diverticulitis and a night and day in Hospital. So I knew I had to be very careful what I took. So as I said the Nekta is a blessing. 

Beverley Sutherland



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