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Nekta Infant Formula


The Purest Milk for the Youngest Consumers

Food for infants and young children up 36 months, Nekta Infant Formula is made to give young babies the best possible nourishment where breast milk is unavailable, and to give growing children the nutrients they require for their rapid development.

The Purest Milk Available …

Nekta Infant Formula is made from only the freshest milk, free of antibiotics, hormones and pesticides, to provide a product any care giver can feed with complete confidence. From the time milk is collected from the herd, there is no human contact with the product until the time it is made up for baby.


Quality Assurance

Nekta is a registered dairy exporter with the New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries. Our partner plant operates under an export Risk Management Programme verified by the Ministry for Primary Industries and the New Zealand Food Safety Authority.


Nutritional Value

Nekta has significant experience in nutritional formulations.

Nekta Infant Formula is based on cow’s milk proteins, has added Lactoferin
which boosts the baby’s immune system, added Essential Fatty Acids
DHA and ARA to help baby’s eye and brain development. A wide range
of vitamins and minerals contribute to the healthy growth of the
whole child, including Vitamin A, C, D, E, K and the very
important B group, and minerals Calcium for bones, Iron for
blood quality, Magnesium for muscle activity and Selenium
which promotes Oxygen flow to the heart. The Formula also
includes added prebiotics to assist baby’s digestion.


Infant Formula

Birth to Six Months

Follow On Formula

Six Months to Twelve Months

Supplementary Food

Twelve to Thirty Six Months

Each Stage is formulated to provide for the specific needs of the growing child. Nekta Infant Formula provides overall nutrition to give baby a solid foundation for the exciting life ahead. 

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