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Liquid Kiwi Reduced Sugar

InOctober 2017 Nekta launched Liquid Kiwi Reduced Sugar Kiwifruit, Kiwi & Aloe Vera, and Kiwi & Melon, in both 375 ml and 1 Litre sizes. They contain the same amount of kiwifruit, Aloe Vera and Melon as the standard formulation, so have the same nutritional benefits, but have less than 6 gms sugar per 100 ml, and a beautifully refreshing

satisfying flavor. Try them, you won’t be disappointed!

The Liquid Kiwi Reduced Sugar Kiwifruit 1 Litre is going into Countdown stores from mid October, all 1 liters flavours will be in Auckland speciality stores and the 375 ml will be in selected convenience stores nationwide. Our first export order is going to

Tahiti and will appear there in November.

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