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liquid kiwifruit

Customer Feedback

"After having suffered with Diverticulitis for over 50 years. I have tried numerous methods to keep me and my bowels healthy. Kiwi fruit could be either too hard or too soft. and sometimes I had unpleasant side effects. Since taking a glass of Nekta every night for the last 9 months finally I’ve found the answer. Lovely to drink and the answer to all my problems. A friend who also has Diverticulitis now buys Nekta and has 2 glasses a day and finds it so pleasant to take and no more problems. There are 2 very happy customers.


I got Shingles last November and the painkillers the Doctor put me on caused a bleed from Diverticulitis and a night and day in Hospital. So I knew I had to be very careful what I took. So as I said the Nekta is a blessing."

Beverley Sutherland, Christchurch

"I had a bowel resection, and during the operation they found a tennis ball size cyst on my ovary, that was attached to my uterus and bowel wall. So the surgery was long and much bigger than anticipated. Afterward I had real trouble with my bowel, and difficulty going to the toilet. My surgeon recommended kiwi fruit. When I asked why he just said just eat them it will be fine! I found they worked, but then came across the juice. I was really happy about that because a) it was just more convenient, and b) it worked just as well as the fresh fruit. That also meant I could get all the time. It was much later that I found out about the fruit having a natural enzyme that acted as a "tenderiser" and that it is commonly used to tenderise calamari, of all things! So for me it worked a treat, and that is why I'm so keen to get some more. I'm happy for you to do whatever you like with that story and make it appropriate for your website, no problems! Please make sure if you use the story that one of the biggest advantages is the fact that you have it all year round, and don't run the risk of getting one fruit that it is a bit tangy!"

Louise Carter, Australia

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